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Top Ten Anaglyph pictures


Alain Hamblenne - St. Jacques circle12_blue.gif     (Winner of the first position awards)

Frans Van de Poel - Semois Rock circle12_blue.gif     (Winner of the second position awards)

Owen C Western - In Debt circle12_blue.gif     (Winner of the third position awards)

Imre Zsolnai-Nagy - Sky circle12_blue.gif     (Honorable Mention award)

Wojtek Rychlik - In the cave circle12_blue.gif     (Honorable Mention award)

David W Kesner - Sharing The Rose circle12_blue.gif

Barry Rothstein - Fairlyland Mushrooms

Ray Desjardins - Winnie the Pooh's Picnic circle12_blue.gif

Ray Zone - Jupiter  circle12_blue.gif 

John A Stuart - Homestead circle12_blue.gif


The first international digital Anaglyph contest: Dabiri award 2005

has been judged by:


Dr. Shahrokh Dabiri

Mr. Faramarz Ghahremanifar

Mrs. Maryam Ashtarynasab


(Best congratulation to you all, May 2005 -Tehran, Iran.)

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